Blog / June 20th, 2024

2024 Incident Hike

Bookings are now open for our 2024 Incident Hike. Booking form can be downloaded here. If viewing on desktop/laptop – right click on picture and select ‘open in new tab’ to view as full screen.

Blog / February 1st, 2024

2023 County Celebration

Our 2023 County Celebration of Long Service and Achievement was held in Boston Division. We were very spoilt to have a handful of special guests to present our awards this year. Read on to see the outline of the day. The event began with an opening from our County Commissioner Wendy and a welcome from…

Blog / July 11th, 2023

Rainbows Christmas challenge launch

*Orders are now closed and the Challenge is currently ongoing across the county* Orders are now open for our Rainbows Christmas challenge boxes containing items for you to celebrate Christmas with Rainbows. There will be a selection of craft items, with instruction, for each Rainbow and some extra items for the unit. We will be…

Blog / July 11th, 2023

Guides Fieldfest!

Fieldfest was held on Saturday 1st July 2023 at Wings Meadow in Boston. The Guides were encouraged to get to know members from other units and were mixed up in groups, where everyone engaged and took part in everything that was happening. Using a parachute game they learnt about the history of Guiding. We spoke…

Blog / July 10th, 2023

County Leaders Weekend Round-up

We had a fantastic time at our County Leaders Weekend back in May It was a great weekend full of fun and laughter. Time to share skills and knowledge while learning something new. A chance to have quality time together with fellow leaders. – Wendy Ireland, County Commissioner   Hi Wendy, just wanted to message…

Blog / May 30th, 2023

Annual Subscription 2024

Dear Leaders, We wanted to let you know as soon as possible the subscription amount for 2024. The total will be £53 per person; this is made of: HQ: £31.00 Region: £15.00 County £7.00 There may be an additional amount added by your division and / or district. We all knew last year that the…

Blog / February 21st, 2023

Spotlight on Lucy

Lucy is from Lincoln South Division – 1st Waddington (RAF) Rangers  Between June 2021 and October 2022, she completed: Gold DofE Queen’s Guide Award Commonwealth Award Lead Away Permit Young Leader Qualification She’s been holding off on completing her Ranger Gold Award so that she can finish it on her final camp – in Switzerland – and have it awarded at…

Blog / November 7th, 2022

Previous E-Newsletters

Here are our E-Newsletters – packed full of information for our members!   Winter/Spring 2024 Newsletter Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter Winter 2022/23 Newsletter Autumn 2022 Newsletter    

Blog / October 20th, 2022

What your 2023 subscription pays for

Every year, around 22nd February, Girlguiding asks every member (both volunteers and girls) to pay a ‘subscription’ – membership fee.  Without subscriptions, we couldn’t support volunteers with training, programme materials and other resources, or provide girls with amazing experiences. The overall sum a member will pay is divided into different charges, or levies.  Each level…

Blog / September 1st, 2022

Poacher 2022: From the eyes of a Leader

As a ten-year-old Guide, I was adamant that I would never go camping. Looking back, I have no idea why I made that decision at the time but I’m glad I didn’t hold myself stubbornly to the choice I made.  As a fourteen-year-old Ranger, I started camping at ‘Stamcamp’ – a camp for our local…