Blog / February 1st, 2024

2023 County Celebration

Our 2023 County Celebration of Long Service and Achievement was held in Boston Division.

We were very spoilt to have a handful of special guests to present our awards this year. Read on to see the outline of the day.

The event began with an opening from our County Commissioner Wendy and a welcome from Boston Division commissioner Barbara Charity.

On to the awards – the 5 and 10 long service awards were presented by Alyson Jones – County President.

This was followed by our guest speaker Charlotte Bennett who is not only one of our Assistant Region Chief Guides but has also recently moved to our wonderful county. Welcome Charlotte!

Karen Johnson – Region Chief Guide presented our 10 and 20 year awards.

Following this we had a refreshments break and our county advisers had set up presentations around the room for leaders to see what is going on across the county.

Chief Guide Tracy Foster presented our 40 and 60 year awards, Good Service and County Imp Awards and also our brand new Thank You awards.

We’re looking forward to our next celebration which is to be held in Bourne Division.

Remember nominations are open year round for you to nominate and give recognition to your fellow guiders and young members. You can read about all of the different awards and nominate them here.