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“The more I volunteered, the more I enjoyed myself and the more confident I became. Now I think the most rewarding part of volunteering is seeing the Guides grow and become confident within themselves, like I have.”

Humera, Leader in Training


Why Volunteer?

Simply put Girlguiding would not function without the 80,000 volunteers who make a real difference to our young members.

Who can volunteer?

Girlguiding is committed to being an inclusive organisation and although we remain a girl-only space, adult membership of Girlguiding is open to all; however there are some roles that are only open to women.

Will it benefit me?

Volunteering with us isn’t just about campfires and helping young members to get their next badge. Benefits of volunteering include sharing and developing your skills, meeting new local friends, taking a refreshing break from your everyday routine and the skills you can gain (teamwork, leadership, organisation, motivation and communication) could also have a real impact not only on your CV, but within your everyday life.

Ways of volunteering?

You don’t need to have been involved in Guiding before or have loads of spare time to make a big difference. Whatever your skills and interests, there’s a role to suit you. It’s all about fun, friendship and flexibility.

At the heart of Guiding we have the unit meetings that young members go along to each week. Volunteering at unit meetings means getting messy, meeting new people, running activities and most importantly – having fun. You can choose to volunteer directly to work with Rainbows (aged 4 – 7), Brownies (aged 7 – 10), Guides (aged 10 – 14) or Rangers (ages 14 – 18). Unit meetings are usually 60 – 90 minutes once a week.

If you like the idea of helping out at weekly meetings, there are 3 different roles available, further information on these roles can be found here.

If you aren’t able to volunteer on a regular basis, you can still make an impact in a supporting role. These roles are perfect for you if you are not able to give time every week, want to help out causally or are just keen to share a specialist skill such as photography or managing a shop. From accounts to keeping parents up-to-date, admin roles provide essential support for local Guiding. More information on these roles can be found here.

What’s next?

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge, what’s next? Register your interest here.

Thanks to you, more of our young members will gain confidence, feel empowered and have great adventures. We hope that you’ll enjoy everything Guiding has to offer too.