Blog / July 11th, 2023

Guides Fieldfest!

Fieldfest was held on Saturday 1st July 2023 at Wings Meadow in Boston.

The Guides were encouraged to get to know members from other units and were mixed up in groups, where everyone engaged and took part in everything that was happening.
Using a parachute game they learnt about the history of Guiding. We spoke about Rangers and what they can do when they move up to the next section, and they played a game to find out what events, challenges and awards some of the leaders have done since they started in Guiding.
In groups they had to complete a series of different challenges all within a minute, eg build a cup tower, bounce ping pong balls into cups, hoopla, move smarties with chopsticks etc and they were all scored to find a winning team
We then did a campfire and everyone joined in with the songs and actions and each group had made up their own sketch using a random object they were given.
To finish there was a silent disco which was really good, Guides and leaders all joined in and partied for about an hour !  The event was good and the Guides had a great time.


Don’t forget you can hire out our Silent Disco equipment for any events you have going on.

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