Blog / October 20th, 2022

What your 2023 subscription pays for

Every year, around 22nd February, Girlguiding asks every member (both volunteers and girls) to pay a ‘subscription’ – membership fee.  Without subscriptions, we couldn’t support volunteers with training, programme materials and other resources, or provide girls with amazing experiences.

The overall sum a member will pay is divided into different charges, or levies.  Each level of Girlguiding (HQ, countries and regions, counties, divisions and/or districts) sets a levy to fund the support they provide to volunteers and girls.  Together these levies make up the full subscription paid per member.  We let volunteers know the annual cost as early as possible so their unit can plan and budget for this.

Below you can find out more about how your 2023 subscription helps Girlguiding continue to deliver our mission for girls.  Subscriptions are only half the story – we also work hard to raise money from other sources so we can give girls an even better experience while keeping the subs as low as possible.

2023 subscriptions breakdown
how the charges break down*
Girlguiding HQ £28
Region £12.50
Lincs South £6.30
Remember that districts and/or divisions may also add their own levies, which will determine the total amount per member

Need financial help? Girlguiding remains great value for money given the range and quality of the activities we offer girls at a relatively low cost per term/year.  But we know that more people are experiencing difficulties with the rising cost of living and we don’t want girls to miss out on guiding.

There is support available to help units who may be struggling to cover the cost of subscriptions and support members on low incomes.  If this applies to your unit, please contact your local commissioner who can signpost to the help available.


Guiding support for girls and volunteers

  • In 2023, a priority for Girlguiding HQ will be to reduce admin for volunteers by investing more in our digital tools and systems, including GO, so volunteers have a better experience.
  • We’ll also be keeping our core programme fun, fresh and easy to use
  • Creating more opportunities for girls to have adventures and international experiences, and supporting volunteers to make it happen
  • Improving the young leader programme to help more young members take the lead
  • Making sure girls’ voices are heard in decision-making across Girlguiding
  • Providing more learning and development such as e-learnings and new content on the online learning platform to support our amazing volunteers
  • Helping everyone in Girlguiding feel connected and informed through association-wide communications and events

Keeping girls and volunteers safe

  • Improving and updating A Safe Space and other core trainings to make it easier for volunteers to complete
  • Keeping policies and procedures up to date so everyone knows how to stay safe and within the law
  • Providing support and advice for volunteers on keeping girls and adults safe,  and making or dealing with complaints.
  • Providing insurance for regular Girlguiding activities, and support with making claims if things go wrong
  • Managing disclosure check services for all Girlguiding volunteers, with tens of thousands of checks processed every year
  • Providing support for members to comply with data protection and managing any issues or concerns

Giving girls a voice

  • Supporting our amazing advocate panel to speak up for girls
  • Running our 15th annual Girls Attitude Survey
  • Championing the voices of girls and women in the media

Effective charity management

  • Shouting out about Girlguiding and our impact so we can reach as many girls, and adults, as possible
  • Managing our finances to make sure we make best use of resources
  • Managing our properties, including our activity centres where we provide great experiences for thousands of girls and adults every year
  • Keeping up to date with the world around us, and supporting all parts of Girlguiding  to stay relevant and sustainable
  • Running and improving the charity – supporting our board of trustees to make sure Girlguiding is as efficient, effective and sustainable as possible.

Investing in our future

  • Generating more income from a wider range of sources so we can do even more for our members