Millfield Campsite

Millfield Campsite, South Rauceby, Sleaford

Situated approximately 4 miles from Sleaford, Millfield is a large campsite situated in the heart of the village of South Rauceby.

The site has a large wooden wet weather hut, plus the veranda of the equipment store may be used for cooking with Calor gas in bad weather. Two refrigerators are available for campers, but there is no actual kitchen facility.

Camping equipment may be hired, and there is provision for up to 40 campers.

There are 4 wooden wash cubicles with hot and cold water, plus 5 brick toilets with electric lighting.

The site has permanent fireplaces and the use of an altar fire for cooking on is recommended. Permission has been obtained for campers to walk in the adjoining Hall wood to collect fallen wood.

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