Tanya Spratt

County International Adviser

A little background information…

I started Guiding when I was 10 in 1989, and just never stopped, I went onto Rangers which I loved and then trained as a Ranger leader in 1999.  Now a leader for both Guides and Rangers. I have held numerous roles in the County and even Region and like to feel I have made a difference in these roles.

Why did you take on this role? and what lies ahead?

I have taken on this role before as it holds a special place for me,  I love seeing girls get the chance to go abroad, and for leaders to gain their International Going away module so then more girls get the opportunity,  Thus far I have been a leader on upwards of 17 Internationals (inc Japan, New Zealand, Belarus, Canada, Mexico, Cambodia & Laos and Switzerland many times) these include Region, County and Unit trips with girls and some leaders only so I have a wealth of experience that may help others in their planning.  If it wasn’t for Girlguiding I wouldn’t have travelled half as far as I have and for these memories I will always be grateful. I am hoping for more travel opportunities for the county as things start to re-start with the Region.

Tell us your favourite Guiding memory…

I have far too many to pick just one.  I represented Anglia on the Japanese Cultural Exchange in 2009 and it was truly amazing a proper once in a lifetime opportunity.  Walking with the Rangers across a glacier in Iceland.  Hiking in remote wilderness with girls in British Colombia, with not another human being in sight. Introducing girls to their first world centre and seeing their confidence grow with their new experiences.  Camping and Jamborees in general, just far too many memories!
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