Kirsty Gregory

Peer Education Coordinator

A little background information…

I have been involved in Guiding since I was a Brownie. Moving around a bit in my adult years means I’ve been able to experience Guiding in a few different Counties; Berkshire, Lincolnshire South, North and then West Yorkshire and now back to Lincolnshire South!

Why did you take on this role? and what lies ahead?

‘Girl-Led’ activities have always been a passion of mine. Being able to let our young members decide what they would like their experience in Guiding to be like is one way of reinforcing to them that they have the choice to control their own learning and development. Future plans for Peer Education in Lincolnshire South is to get some Peer Educators trained and up and running to provide sessions to their peers on topics that they are passionate about.

Tell us your favourite Guiding memory…

Relaxing at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland with my Rangers. Bobbing around and talking about life, future plans and everything else, whilst wearing some mud masks and being completely chilled out! Total bliss!

If you have any questions around becoming a Peer Educator or would like to book a Peer Educator to visit your unit get in touch with Kirsty here. Check out our page on Peer Education here.