Amy Pickering

Brownies Adviser

A little background information… 
Back in the early 2000’s my mum took over as Brown Owl at my former Brownie Unit in Cleethorpes and as a teenager with nothing else to do, she made me go and help. Fast forward to now, and I have been a Brownie Leader for 15 years, the last 9 years at 3rd Horncastle Brownies.
Why did you take on this role? and what lies ahead?
I took on this role to be able to provide support and a helping hand across the Brownie network in Lincolnshire South. Whether that be an extra body on a trip out or at a meeting, someone to ask for guidance or lend an empathetic ear, or just to help with cutting out craft supplies. I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow Brownie leaders and learning what they want and need from me in this role.

Tell us your favourite Guiding memory…

My favourite guiding memory is the first time I went camping as a guide and how much I enjoyed sitting around the campfire the first night singing and cooking and then smelling of smoke all weekend!
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