“What a fantastic day”

“So well organised, activities ran seamlessly through the day”

“My Brownies enjoyed the day very much. Lots to do, they were never bored”

“We all loved it. We wished the day lasted longer though”

A selection of the positive feedback we received from participants to both of our Brownie days.


The Brownie day on the 16th September took place in Boston, the sun was shining all day which was fantastic for all of the activities we had planned. We couldn’t have chosen a nicer day!

Activities were set up and then the Brownies started arriving.

“So many choices were on offer for the Brownies from puppet crafts and shows to an outdoor trash band. The treasure hunt was fantastic, collecting the beads along the way for them to make bracelets with at the end was a lovely touch. A great souvenir from the day”.

Sunday 24th September the weather in Sudbrooke wasn’t our friend unfortunately. But it didn’t manage to dampen the spirits of the Brownies.

“We pitched our tents in the winds and drizzle, what a great real life experience for them!”

“Our Brownies loved the indoor caving at Sudbrooke – what a fantastic find for the day”.


All in all the Brownie days were a great success, we’ve taken in all feedback and we will be applying what we have learnt at our next county day!




We are very excited to be having two Brownie Events in the County this year.

Activities to include:

Please find the link to download Risk Assessments for the day here.

Any questions, please get in touch with us via the contact page here.