Special Needs

Guiding is for everyone, everyone is an individual. Some of our members need extra support be they girls or leaders that is why we have a County Special Needs Adviser. If I don’t know the answer to your query, question or have equipment that can help support you I do know how to find it.

A report goes into the County Executive for the County Meeting to highlight special needs funding, ways of raising money for other charities related to special needs, events and much more. I will try to update the web site so that this information is immediate for your unit needs.

September Report – Autism

February’s Report – Downs Syndrome

May’s Report – Self Harm

January’s Report – Chiari Malformation

Helpful Resources

We have items in County which can be borrowed to help you with badges, challenges or even just giving the girls awareness that some members will need extra support in their own unit or units where they might progress – Brownies moving onto Guides. Since 2012 we have courtesy of Sainsbury’s, a Paralympic kit which has blind folds (which are washable), a ball with a bell in it – for GO Ball or football blindfolded and a special soft ball and net for volleyball. Please contact me and use these items as they are fun and educational.

To borrow resources or contact our Special Needs Advisor use our Contact Us page.

On Wednesday 6 March I was invited to Saxilby Brownies for a very special promise ceremony. Gracie has a very rare condition which is similar to autism and finds people looking at her and joining in the Brownie ring very hard, so between Brownie Leader Jackie and myself we came up with a way in which Gracie could make her Brownie Promise. Gracie took part in a game in which the Brownie Promise and Law were made up with cards in her six – she had fun and so did her six. That’s what Brownies is all about having fun. The picture above is of Gracie and her Brownie friends making her promise special.