Queen’s Guide

The Queens Guide award is the highest, most challenging and most rewarding award available in Guiding. It is split into five distinct areas which are highlighted below. You have three years to complete the award from the day you register, but can schedule in a break for up to a year which can be particularly useful if you are planning on going to university.

Service in Guiding

Element 1 – 60 hours of practical guiding with at least 20 hours on one particular activity

Element 2 – Attend a residential event a take on a new responsibility

Element 3 – Take part in the planning of an event for two units

Element 4 – Take part in a working group or committee run by Girlguiding

Outdoor Challenge

Element 1 – Complete modules 1-6 of the Going away with scheme (If you already hold this or your senior section permit this can be marked off straight away)

Element 2 – Take part in an expedition or exploration lasting 3 nights/4 days

Personal Skill Development

Over 60 hours over 12 months, take on a new skill or take a new skill further.

Community Action

Element 1-Over a 12 month period take part in a project on a chosen topic. Think about how the project works locally, nationally and internationally.

Element 2 – Based on your project, create a research project about your chosen topic then share it with a group of people.

Residential Experience

Participate in a residential experience run by Girl Guiding lasting 2 nights/3 days.

What to do next?

If you wish to undertake the journey, you must firstly contact the County Queen’s Guide Co-ordinator, and you must think about planning your award. Sheets are available at link below. You also need to get hold of a Queen’s Guide Award record book to record all you achievements. Record books can be purchased by following this link.

It is an exciting and worthwhile award to achieve and looks great on anyone’s CV. At the end, you receive a beautiful silver brooch to wear on your uniform, presented to you in London by a VIP.

Click here for the syllabus and click here for record sheets.