Jo Wylie-Smy

Inspire Coordinator

A little background information…
I started my Guiding journey as a 5 year old in rainbows and worked my way through the ranks in my home city of Sheffield. I had a break from Girlguiding once I turned 18 and then re-joined as a leader in training here in South Lincolnshire at 27.
I am obsessed with collecting badges for my camp blanket, maybe to a worrisome degree to anyone outside of guiding! I love working with my units and seeing the girls flourish and challenge themselves!

Why did you take this role and what lies ahead?
I took this role as a way to support others who have left Rangers or finished their young leader qualification but are unsure where they want to go next in Guiding. But also as a way to build networks all across the country so that when people go off to university or to find a job, and become a ‘grown-up’, there is still a community that can support them.
We are building a bigger and bigger community online with some exciting in-person meetings planned for the future.

Tell us your favourite Guiding memory…
This would be the first fundraising I did as a Brownie, we did a sponsored stay awake to raise money to replace some old equipment. We watched movies – it was the first time I watched Grease – made chocolate popcorn (minus the chocolate which we burnt), and made friendship bracelets. It was a fun event and it cemented my love of Girlguiding.

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